Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reece's Rainbow

This post is for my adoption friends..... I noticed this morning that I am no longer a part of the Reese's Rainbow group. I attribute that to the fact I reposted on MY wall Shelly Burman Burman's Adoption Auction with the comments made by Tina N Randy Kacirek which called for accountability of Reece's Rainbow and their decision NOT to give the Burman family the grants that are on the children that they are adopting. (this is a huge legal matter) While I will ALWAYS appreciate Reece's Rainbow for posting our daughter Sarah's picture...I will NOT be silent when I think things are not being done correctly or decently. I think it is BEYOND silly for grown folks to delete people from groups for having a different opinion, especially someone like me who did give to others and did often post on my blog and on FB the needs of various RR families. I did not post anything at all on the RR site for weeks and certainly never anything negative.... but be that as it may....I'm letting everyone know what is going on and the need for accountability is GROWING!!!
This was my FB post yesterday after learning I had been removed from the Reece's Rainbow Facebook page.  As I am an adoption advocate and have raised money for various families & children on Reece's Rainbow, I feel the need to tell you of my detachment from them.  It was not my choice nor was it for anything I had posted in the group, as I had posted nothing for weeks and all my posts were positive or "likes" for various good things happening with different families/children. 
This is the post that I assume got me "kicked out" (shared the day before)

From Tina N Randy Kacirek !! We have put together some fun auction items to bid on to help the Burman family with their adoption expenses. Please be in prayer for them as the organization that has over $25,000 in grants received for the children the Burmans are in process of adopting is not wanting to release the funds and is changing their policies to avoid having to give these funds. The Burmans are USCIS approved and waiting on travel dates and they need encouragement and love. Just as God showed our family this morning that HE IS BIGGER with providing our daughter a chair for her bath, I know God wants the Burmans to know that He loves them and cares for them and He can use US to show His love.

Please check out these items and if you would like to make a donation to the Burman's matching grant you may go to www.gracehavenhome.com to learn more. Also if you would like to donate an item for the auction it's not too late! Just email me a photo of the item and a description and I will get it up!

THANK YOU for lifting up this precious family (who GIVES like no one else I know!) and let's pray in agreement for a miracle change of heart for this organization. God can DO THAT TOO!

https://www.facebook.com/burmanauction  this is their auction site. 
The situation that brought this up is a family (who many of you gave to) the Burmans are adopting 3 children from our girl's former institution.  The children are now at a different place but I met all of them while we were there.  We had actually planned to go back and adopt one of the girls, had out situation been different.  So I have quite a vested interest in these children's adoption. 
Reece's Rainbow is not agreeing to give them the funds that have been raised for these children.  (don't worry the money we raised went to a family fund through Grace Haven Ministries)  RR contends the family is not meeting their requirements.  The family contents that RR has asked more of them than other families.  The Burmans have been approved by a social worker and his/her agency as well as the USCIS (our government agency that clears families for adoption)  They have no criminal history (in fact the dad is a cop) and their paperwork is all done, in country and they are waiting for a travel date. 
Reece's Rainbow is a ministry that raises awareness of and funds for special needs adoption.  It is not an adoption agency at all.  They do not employ anyone to my knowledge that would review any families' paperwork and make decisions about grants based on that. 
The family has adopted before and had an issue with a facilator suggested by RR.  They do not want to share some personal things with RR (such as the facilator they are using this time) as they actually have fears for their personal safety.   The Burman family was in the middle of an adoption some time ago where there were problems that they felt was caused by undue influence they were not able to complete that adoption and were heartbroken.   You can read their account on their blog at
http://carringtonscourage.blogspot.com/  it tells their story in more detail than I can. 
So my ties with Reece's Rainbow have been cut....I can not recommend them and I do have many questions about somethings.  I will not raise money for them any more.  I am not comfortable with doing so.  I am not angry with Reece's Rainbow, but I have concerns. 
But I will be honest and say we appreciate them.  We dealt with them and had no personal problems whatsoever.  They did exactly what they said they would do for/with us.  Sarah did not have much of a grant (less than $200) but the little boy we had originally planned on adopting did have a grant of about $4000 and RR allowed that grant to be used for Selah since he was no longer available for adoption.  That was money that various supporters of RR gave over the years.  We had a family sponsorship page on their site that many of our friends used to give to us so they would get tax credit (and it was convenient as they could use a card to give)  They had a person who reviewed our paperwork and help me out a lot.  If I feel compelled to discuss this problem, I must also tell of our experience.   We used a different facilator for the region we were in and were not hindered in using him. 
However many families have reported issues.  Since we have adopted before and was part of a group that used an agency, I got to know some of the other families we even had a Yahoo group (that sounds so old LOL)  NO ONE complained about that agency or their experience.... And with as many people as was on the group, as well as all the personal emails and calls...I know I would have heard about issues had there been any major ones.  Plus a large group of us traveled together in China.  So to hear of all the various adoptive families who have had major issues in different ways with RR  bothers me and has bothered me from the very beginning of our adoption.  There was so much drama and problems and the SECRETS......it was very unnerving.    I just kept my head down and rushed our adoption through and then I distanced myself from the various off shot groups of Reece's Rainbow on FB.  When we first came home from Ukraine, I even took myself off the main page after thanking everyone as I was just DONE with all the mess.  Since I've been raising money for adoptions/orphans I did join it back so I look for families/kids who really needed a boost to help them get home. 
In any organization, you will have issues.  I've been in ministry my whole adult life and believe me I've seen some stuff...  but yet God seemed to still bless various ministries...  No one is perfect, no organization is perfect...because we are all human and all flawed.   However I feel RR needs much more stringent oversight.  It started with a noble purpose and many many children have been helped and many families blessed by their special child(ren) 
I ask Reece's Rainbow to be transparent, to live up to its' mission statement and to concentrate on the KIDS not personalities or conflicts. 
The children are the ones being overlooked....
I played with and held these girls I KNOW they want and need a family!!!


Let's focus on getting them HOME!  To parents who have been approved by their social worker and agency and the US government!   WHY should they wait a day longer?  These children are older, no one is standing in line to take them home....they've been waiting for years.  The middle girl is 11, the youngest girl is almost 9 (can you believe that?)  and the boy is 9 or older also.....  they've been waiting all these years....now a family who is qualified is ready to take them home....money has been raised....people gave....it's time for them to go HOME!!!!!!


  1. The blog you linked to is closed to anyone not invited. FYI. I've heard things like this before about RR. Which is sad, as I'd decided to donate to sponsor children when I could, since I know now that I won't be able to adopt (various reasons, including a husband who is against the idea.)

  2. I have been trying to figure out what was going on. I just read blogs, I'm not adopting but there have been hints and veiled references. It was maddening. Seriously, it made me want to stop reading because it seemed like drama that was distracting from the mission. The Burman's blog was public then private then it opened then it went private again. But, at least now I have a sense of what is going on and will stop making donations that are not directly to a family I trust. I don't have enough money to give where I can't be sure it will be used as promised. If a child has a grant, then the child gets the grant. That's my opinion anyway. This post of yours makes many things much clearer and I appreciate your honesty.

    1. I feel very similar. I will no longer donate funds through RR, as I have many times in the past. I will donate directly to families I know who are upstanding people.

    2. They tell you when you can make it public and when to make it private. It is an atmosphere of fear and control. The emotional torture of the whole experience was horrible.

  3. *SMH* How sad, because as you pointed out, the CHILDREN are the ones who will suffer the most.

    I will be praying these precious kids are united with their family very soon!

  4. How sad this makes me- now I will be very careful before donating to RR. As one with a heart for adoption but who cannot do so at this time, I felt fortunate to have a small way to contribute, but if they are withholding money in a grant from an approved adopting family... <:-( as you mentioned and as I understood they are most clear rhat they are NOT an agency, so i am confused what "criteria" they are using to withhold funds that donors offered to the particular RR children being adopted. I am so sad that in all this, it is ultimately the innocent kids who are hurt. I hope RR will be transparent in their intent so that they continue to be a blessing for many kids.
    Thank you for your willingness to be direct and share this with your readers. Little Selah remains in my prayers.

  5. A red flag for me was how the money was handled when R closed. Money (large sums) were moved from children's grant accounts to FSP's and then those children were erased from RR like they never existed, even though the other R kids remained but had their money moved to other kids. I asked about grant accounts and what happens and was told that it is illegal for grant accounts to be moved to FSP's and that all monies will stay in children's grant accounts. I can name at least 2 instances where this did not happen and money was moved to a FSP.

  6. I read the Burman was under investigation by CPS for medical neglect.

    1. I've not heard or seen anything about that.

  7. I was black listed and slandered by this group. I met some wonderful people that were also trying to adopt, but the group itself should be shut down. Even people active in the group and who have adopted will tell how inflated pricing can be, how funds are held, and then after The Hague agreement, the other fake groups that came out of nowhere preying on those that were broken hearted was disgusting.